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VSTS Part-1

Azure DevOps, formerly Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), is a software as a service offering of Microsoft Visual Studio, an integrated development environment, on Microsoft Azure platform. It is an ERP software which supports GIT, Source and Version Control, Build Management, Release Management, Agile tools and other relevant features.

At Microsoft IDC, as a UX Designer (Intern), I was working on a web based Social Design project for Visual Studio Team Services from scratch. All throughout my internship, I worked closely with Product Managers and Designers right from the onset of the project, contributing in brainstorming sessions, gathering research insights, taking key design decisions with real-time implementation constraints, continuously working towards a larger cumulative product vision.

I was responsible for research, design, user testing, future product developments and hi-fidelity deliverables for the MVP solution, working under a Rapid Iterative and Testing Evaluation (RITE) method. Since it's an active project and being a part of the Intern Non-Disclosure Agreement signed with Microsoft R&D India Pvt. Ltd., I am unable to share further details here about the status of the project. However, feel free to reach out to me to discuss about it.

During my time at Microsoft, I also got the chance to design the Dribbble debut shot for Microsoft India’s design studio called Studio +91, the heart of things designed at MS-IDC, which was well received and appreciated across the community. Feel free to share your views at: Studio+91 Dribbble Shot

Studio+91 Dribbble Debut Shot

This work is licensed under the © Intern Non-Disclosure Agreement of Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited (‘MICROSOFT’), a company incorporated in New Delhi, India, under the Companies Act, 1956. Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Team Services logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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