Slow Fun Design • Arijit Dey • P07
SFD Part-1
SFD Part-2

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ADAA Semifinalist

SFD Part-3

SFD Part-4
SFD Part-5
SFD Part-6
SFD Part-7
SFD Part-8
SFD Part-9

SFD Part-10
SFD Part-11
SFD Part-12
SFD Part-13
SFD Part-14

SFD Part-15



All elements used in this project were solely for concept representational purposes and all rights are reserved by BVG and VBB, as applicable.

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Ola Play CXC
Ola Play DXC
Microsoft Azure DevOps
Vyapyaar - Your Trading Friend
BVG - Feed the Animal
70 Years of 07 Sister States
Moving Pixels
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