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Moving Pixels is a collection of my tryst with pen, paper, pencil & the pen tool, often tinkering with motion to create various visual content, generally with an underlying intent to communicate some message, but also at times, simply moving those pixels to delight through design. Browse through some posters on Megatrends, projects on Motion Design, delightful Animations, artworks from Inktober and a photographic journey of 100 Days Through My Window of Berlin (a few other cities are in progress). This page is like an eternal collection with regular updates (intend to), whenever I strike upon any new idea and could manage some time. Drop by anytime to keep an eye for any new uploads and keep sharing.


Megatrends, as the name suggests, are basically clusters of events, trends, key changes in business, society, healthcare, government, resources and various other spheres, which are poised to impact structural changes and influence all aspects of our society with a long-lasting effect. During a collaborative project to design future cities of 2050 with automobile giants Adam Opel AG in Berlin, Germany, I came across a company called Trendone, a market leader for trend research, who collects and researches on global trends defining our future world. Disruptive ideas, innovative developments and radical technological advances are influencing our lives, markets and industries faster and more powerfully than ever. To ensure success into the future, it is no longer enough just to keep up with others – we have to set the agenda by ourselves.

As designers of today, we often take up challenges to solve intricate real world problems. We dig deep into those problems, dissect them, see through them, analyze them and try to come up with solutions which promise to make major impacts to our world. Inherently, I tend to believe that it's immensely important for us to keep up with trends defining our future products and solutions. At the same time, I feel it's also equally valuable and integral for any other citizen to be aware of such trends poised to impact our livelihood in the near future. Nevertheless, I started studying about these various mega-trends, their macro & micro-trends, and was thoroughly intrigued. I was amazed to find that there's a immense amount of things to learn about and subsequently, there are new trends coming up every year. Quite enthralled, I felt these information must be channelized to more and more people.

I naturally struck upon this idea of communicating such interesting trends across my community through graphic posters to spread some awareness. I took up a line-art style for presenting the posters which basically comprised of a title, a caption, a brief introduction and some illustration from everyday activities representing the corresponding trend concept. Easier said than done, the process apparently proved to be pretty tedious. Read more about the process here. Nonetheless, here's a series of posters on a few trends defining our future world.

Ethical Consumerism
Attention Economy
Air Pollution
Inclusive Design
Distrust Society
Motion Design

The concept of Motion Design, popularly known as Motion Graphics, has always been a fascinating field. The idea of creating delight by incorporating sound and motion in graphic elements introduces a fresh life to all our flat, static, lifeless digital designs. Great UX is all about creating a cohesive experience and telling a good story and what better than motion. It's crisp, quick, engaging, delightful & speaks for itself and we all know that our videos ought to be engaging and direct in today's content saturated society lest ineffective. Not a pro yet, but over the past few years, I have been constantly learning, exploring and creating motion graphic videos for some personal and academic projects. Here is a snippet of 3 such motion design projects and a few graphic animations.

Design for Railways Taptrac Motion Resume

State Divisions GIF 70Y07SS Intro GIF
Design for Railways GIF Error 404 Design GIF

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. It was started by Jake Parker, a Utah based illustrator, in 2009 as a challenge to improve one's inking skills and develop positive regular drawing habits. It soon caught the attention of the creative community and has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. While an official prompt list is published for everyday to keep one engaged with ideas, but themes are open to one's imagination and choice as long as its done regularly.

I eventually started my Inktober challenge in 2016 with a mix of prompt list ideas and my everyday experiences in a new city, Berlin. The following year in 2017, I took the theme of endangered species of planet Earth and sketched a species of varied endangered categories everyday. Learning about the rich animal kingdom diversity of our planet and the risk imposed on them especially by mankind was indeed alarming and engrossing. I generally use paper, pencil, Staedler Fineliners and Måla sketchpens for these artworks.

2017 - Endangered Species

Inktober 2017 00 Inktober 2017 01 Inktober 2017 02 Inktober 2017 03
Inktober 2017 04 Inktober 2017 05 Inktober 2017 06 Inktober 2017 07
Inktober 2017 08 Inktober 2017 09 Inktober 2017 10 Inktober 2017 11
Inktober 2017 12 Inktober 2017 13 Inktober 2017 14 Inktober 2017 15
Inktober 2017 16 Inktober 2017 17 Inktober 2017 18 Inktober 2017 19
Inktober 2017 20 Inktober 2017 21 Inktober 2017 22 Inktober 2017 23
Inktober 2017 24 Inktober 2017 25 Inktober 2017 26 Inktober 2017 27
Inktober 2017 28 Inktober 2017 29 Inktober 2017 30 Inktober 2017 31

2016 - Everyday Moods

Inktober 2016 00 Inktober 2016 01 Inktober 2016 02 Inktober 2016 03
Inktober 2016 04 Inktober 2016 05 Inktober 2016 06 Inktober 2016 07
Inktober 2016 08 Inktober 2016 09 Inktober 2016 10 Inktober 2016 11
Inktober 2016 12 Inktober 2016 13 Inktober 2016 14 Inktober 2016 15
Inktober 2016 16 Inktober 2016 17 Inktober 2016 18 Inktober 2016 19
Inktober 2016 20 Inktober 2016 21 Inktober 2016 22 Inktober 2016 23
Inktober 2016 24 Inktober 2016 25 Inktober 2016 26 Inktober 2016 27
Inktober 2016 28 Inktober 2016 29 Inktober 2016 30 Inktober 2016 31
100 Days Through My Window

100 Days Through My Window is actually a series of images which started as a sponteneous activity in September of 2016, much akin to a timelapse video. I had just landed in Berlin, Germany, for my international student exchange and was put up in a new cosy studio apartment. Much awed by the picturesque view through my window, I captured it in my Xperia. The next morning, surprisingly, that view had a stark contrast, the colours appeared different, a few grey leaves, mellowed sunlight, the mood of that landscape had changed. I clicked yet another picture, apparently from a similar spot through my window. It soon grew dramatic, the months of September and October, a season of transition.

I started taking pictures every morning through my window, roughly from the same spot, same angle, neither with much intent of making a 100 days series nor with much photographic planning, but one fine day when I started browsing through those 10-15 pictures, the activity proved interesting. This transition from summer to autumn to winter was splendidly captured in my album and with winters settling in deep, I was really excited about continuing this activity and making a 100 days series, though a bit irregular at times due to my ragged travel plans but with more zeal. Quite ineptly captured, but this 100 Days Through My Window is reminiscent of a dramatic European season. While I have been on the move thereafter, my next ventures hasn't been gifted with a befitting window view, but I'm presently in India and looking for my next 100 days series.

Thank you for viewing.

Ola Play CXC
Ola Play DXC
Microsoft Azure DevOps
Vyapyaar - Your Trading Friend
BVG - Feed the Animal
70 Years of 07 Sister States
Moving Pixels
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