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Ola Play was launched in November 2016 as world’s first connected car platform for ride sharing economy, with a vision of creating an entirely new, top notch, back-seat experience for customers during a commute. With numerous personalized features from music to videos to live tracking to games, Ola Play was all about making the journey a pleasant and engaging experience.

While the core of the system lies in the Driver eXperience Console (DXC) installed at the front seat, the back-seat experience for passengers is served through a Consumer eXperience Console (CXC) which is control-enabled from the passenger’s Ola app referred as the User Controlled Device (UCD).

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Ever since its introduction, the Consumer eXperience Console (CXC) has had a revolutionary impact on enriching the in-ride experience of our passengers. With content ranging from Apple Music to Videos to Comedy Shows to Live TV to Online Radio to Movies, CXC offered it all for the customer to sit, relax and play.

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With a consistent growth in Ola Play’s services over the past 2 years, the product has been ever evolving. Based on regular feedbacks from our customers, more and more features were introduced, and some existing flows were redesigned to improve the UX of the product. While business has been hesitant about making major changes in the product at once due to adaptability concerns, improvements have been on course bit by bit. Subsequently, I have been a part of a few UX flow redesigns and new feature designs in Ola Play which are presently LIVE. Feel free to share your feedback on the below features.

The research insights, design process, business strategies, design decisions,and explorations of Ola Play are a confidential property of the organization Ola Cabs (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and hence I am unable to share complete details on this platform. For more on the why and how of the following flows, feel free to reach out to me for any discussion.

Pay for Play

In the meantime, Ola Play was categorized as a value added service under Prime Play rides in the Ola customer app. However, if your car is not a Prime Play booking, you still have the privilege to upgrade to a Prime Play ride, provided a Ola Play device is installed in that car, whereby a nominal charge as Play Convenience Fee would get added to the trip total. This allowed users to enjoy Play services in a non Prime booking as well.

Customers were then allowed a 10 minutes Free Trial of Ola Play services in non Prime Play rides. After the expiry of trial period, the system requests the user to accept the addition of Play convenience fee to the trip total and continue using the Play services. However, the conversion rate has been reportedly low. In collaboration with program managers, we studied various user feedbacks and tried to redesign the Pay for Play feature to improve our conversion rates.

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And Bingo! The new Pay for Play flow increased our conversions by 11% in the very first week.


Live Video Feed

Safety of the passengers has been of paramount importance to Ola’s vision and mission. Its Safety Center is a commitment to millions of customers of a safe, comfortable and reliable trip. The organization has harnessed technology in an innovative way to ensure that the passengers are always secured during a trip. However, with a lot of unfavourable cases reported in the recent past, it has become integral to further improve safety features in ride sharing economies. Ola’s customer app had introduced the SOS (Emergency) system to raise any alert from the app and a Safety Response Team (SRT), available 24x7, would instantly connect to the passenger for assistance. One can also alert their emergency contacts or reach out to the police using the Emergency button on the app.

Ola Play, an essential part of Ola rides today, and being a connected vehicle, ought to leverage the technological advantage at hand and further strengthen the passenger safety index in Prime Play rides. Apart from a SOS button to trigger an alert during an emergency, availability of a camera in the CXC provides the opportunity to activate a live stream in an ongoing ride and share it with your loved ones as a precautionary feature. Designing for Emergency has always been an uphill task and with added complexity of privacy concerns, this live video feed, termed as Go Live in CXC, is a feature built as a preventive measure with the belief that it will assure passengers of an increased safety ride experience and build more trust and reliance with Ola Play.

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Action Alerts

India is a vastly diverse country in all aspects but nothing unites my countrymen like the sport of Cricket. Its a religion, followed across each and every corner of the nation. Put cricket aside, India is truly a sport frenzy country with fan following for major sports like football, field hockey, badminton, lawn tennis, wrestling, kabaddi, etc. Naturally, people actively follow such live scores and matches on digital media.

Live sports update in Ola Play has always been a hot topic among users. Since the Indian Premier League (IPL) season was running and the ICC Cricket World Cup was scheduled in summer of 2019, introducing live cricket updates as Action Alerts in Ola Play was a fairly vital feature to work upon. However, as is, Ola Play didn’t have a Notification System built and hence the requirement was to design a new notification system within the existing framework to introduce live score alerts. In this phase of Action Alerts we designed primarily for Cricket and football.

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An Alerts section lists all active scorecards. These cards open into a detailed scorecard view. However, the Action Alerts are designed based on a subscription model whereby you can follow a certain match and receive a push alert for every defined action in that match, irrespective of your active CXC screen.


With a mission to constantly improve your ride experience, Ola Play is always dedicated to improve the product experience and introduce more engaging content in the near future. Apart from these features, we also worked upon a dedicated Games section, Curated Media Filters, and a Condensed Navigation Bar. Feel free to share your feedback on your experience if you have recently taken a Ola Prime Play ride or reach out to me for any further details about design. I will be happy to forward your problems, feedbacks and recommendations to the right authority. Till then, take a Prime Play ride,

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Sit, Relax & Play.

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